Closing The Health Equity Gap Through Social Business Investment

Photo of a lake at night with view of Milky Way

Everyone has the right to thrive.

Look to the sky. At first, millions of stars appear random and scattered. Then step back, reflect and see how patterns emerge.

It’s time we look at our health equity gap in the same way. Seemingly haphazard factors are preventing members of our community from leading a healthy life. These factors may seem unrelated, but they're not. They’re rooted in socio economic barriers that prevent access to basic physical, intellectual, economic and social resources.

All people deserve the right to thrive. So we’ve stepped back, reflected and found business solutions that will ensure they do.

We've connected the dots.

A healthy life goes far beyond physical well-being. We aim to impact a healthy life and a healthy community through four interrelated pillars:


Access to mentors and support structures.


Access to education, skills and information.


Access to employment and prosperity.


Access to physical and mental care.

The mission is bold because the health equity gap is large.

Disrupt the paradigm

Our mission is to invest in self-sustaining solutions that ensure all people have the right to thrive.

How? By using generations of business best practice to advance social good. Dohmen Constellations uses a unique model to accelerate what works. We seed and scale social businesses that can show measurable progress in closing the health equity gap.

Our businesses will be designed to address physical, intellectual, economic and social health in a self-sustaining model - focused on a double bottom-line of community impact and financial results. While we measure and track the impact on lives, profits from the businesses will be reinvested to support a long-term, self-sustaining solution for years to come.

Who We Are

We’re disruptors - each with a passion to challenge the status quo and create a healthy community where everyone has the right to thrive. Our backgrounds form the intersection of philanthropy and private industry. We blend the heart of social good with the best of business. We are Dohmen Constellations.

Meet the Team